How else should you treat an old friend that you haven't seen in 9 years??

Tim gets into Denver and promptly gets thrown off a rock.

This is the catslab in clear creek canyon.

You just have to have a LOT of faith in the rope. Here's the view from the top of this particular climb.

Night One: So many drinks I was only really counting the shots....

Day two, monster hangover and misting rain. No climbing as wet rock == slick rock.

Day Three: Misty, but enough dry rock to go up. The climb is tougher than her smile would indicate.
Tim discovers a new best friend in the form of a rock ear after a sketchy point in the climb.
The first bolt on this route was up about 18'. Complicating the subsequent climbs on this route was the snake stuffed into the crack near one of the crux moves.

Thank Sherrie for pointing this out to Tim.
A lead climb fall. Bad. A lead climb fall where you land foot first on a ledge 12' down on one foot.....worse.

One of the few advantages to breaking your foot is getting the royal treatment from friends.

Tim in sherpa-training.
After rock climbing, stopping in boulder on Flagstaff rd. The view doesn't suck.