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Sunset in Paradise, not a bad way to end the day
Hugh coolin' at Hookipa. Early am, pre breakfast at Charlies
Hugh late day in Kihei. 

I've already trashed the nose on my JP 261 Freeride, so I figured I'd click a few and search for my tube of ding-stick.

Best pic  of the day.

 I managed to snap this of Hugh while bobbing up and down and trying to keep my board from swimming away.

Joe getting small air at Kanaha Uppers. 

We found it tough to get big air pics. The right wind/wave needed to come, all close enough to your buddy to get the shot. Meanwhile he's swimming with his rig and a disposable camera in the break. 

When the waves were big enough to get huge air, we didn't waste much time taking pics.

Hugh leanin on the sex machine...a dodge caravan TURBO...Awwwww....yeah....
Hugh England's house in the upcountry.

Hugh Bosely checking out the first shortboard ever made. Hugh England's house was a veritable museum of windsurfing equipment. 

Check out the fin display, that's some old-school tech

You know you're in Maui when....

 We pulled up to Kanaha, and there was a guy leaning over some HUGE light-wind prototype boards. I went over to check them out, and it turns out the guy is Alex Aguera, one of the legends of the sport. 

We talked light-wind shop for a few minutes, but he was in a hurry as the helicopter was about to arrive to do a photo shoot... Sure enough, 15 minutes later it helicopter was hovering about 100 feet up trying to pic Alex out of the crowd. 

Fun at Kanaha on a light wind day. Mike Boll of the Shell Point sailing club was seen as some anonymous kid kept doing head spins down the beach.