Maui 2003 Paradise ++ Waves, with iffy wind

This year we got great swell for the better part of the trip, but had more on off wind.

Sherrie, Hugh and I stayed at Mika's place in the upcountry, which was excellent and a far cry from the place we rented the previous year.

The only decent photos of waveriding were courtesy of sherrie at hookipa, not a big day, but just about the only place you can actually get photos
of waveriding from the beach.

When it was bigger, Hugh and I hung out in Kanaha Uppers, mostly alone and having a great time




Joe at Hookipa


Sometimes you make it....

Sometimes you don't    

 Look at the guy heading out, there really isn't much wind in the break.




As the wind started to die, I began working my way in....tooo late. Wind dropped to 2, I started sinking, then got worked, pulled pummel and generally rinsed.... Sherrie missed some  of the best photos of the trip, thinking I'd be mad at the wipe out shots.... Not a chance, I just wonder if it looked as bad as it felt.
 Gybing on the south shore
Dive trip with the most excellent Scuba Shack

Sunsets, sunsets and more sunsets....with some Mama's fish hous big wave surfing, featuring various locals





Kanaha Summer race series



 Big trees in Lahaina


Sugar refinary...not typically featured on tourist brochures







When there's not much wind...go fishing I guess.


Learning, First lessons are Fun in a drowning kind of way...







Mikas Place



Big Beach on the South Shore 




Hugh, hero-gybing...Extra camera mugging included.... I'd tease more, but couldn't get planing so the best I could manage was a Cptn Nemo impression...oh Yeah, that and it was damn entertaining to watch
Hugh, poppin off not much chop

Light light the only windsurfer planing was Hugh...making the most of a 6 meter sail and knee-high chop....

 When good kiting goes bad.

 This woman launched bare footed into the rocks on the shore of maui sunset. At which point she shrieked, crashed her fully powered kite 5' next to a windsurfer who was landing....

Of course the first thing she did was turned and started screaming at her boyfriend for not telling here there were rocks....You don't have to be a rocket scientist or look to closely at this picture of the shoreline to figure out there might be rocks....


Yes, that's right, Hugh Breakin-tha-law. Skateboarding down the volcano...Some officers were nice enough to point out this is apparently illegal.

Just try to keep the brakes from melting....

 The much-vaunted Silver Sword in bloom

 At some point, everyone looses it.....
 Then takes the walk of shame....



 Learning, getting better and having fun