So I finally decided to join another cult

Things just lined up.

I got sick of everyone at my work execu-gym looking at me as I cobbled together the equipment to do solo crossfit workouts. No one cared if I stopped early, didn’t squat to depth or just hung out on an elliptical machine eating muffins.

I decided to join MBS Crossfit, after finding out it was free.

Pyrrhic Victories defined, or How I got Free Crossfit*

While talking to Verizon, I screwed up and ended up bundling my tv, internet and phone to save about $15. In the process I took on our family Verizon bill, which is about $200 per month. Sherrie had been picking up the tab.

A few months later, and while driving Sherrie pinged me:

“Do you want to join crossfit?”

“Of course, but with Jiu Jitsu, I can’t afford it”

“I can get it, they have a family discount”

So, I lost $200 a month, but ended up with FREE CROSSFIT. It’s kind of like getting a free breakfast after you get cleaned out at the casino.

So this is the second cult I belong to, the other being the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu cult.

Different exercise, same crazy people.

This should be fun.










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