Mac Rants Adventures with a new cult, starting point

After years and years of having utterly customizable Linux desktops at work, and having to make the MS Windows user interface usable, my new job has kindly purchased two high powered Macintosh computers for me to use.

I had never been willing to pay the $$ premium the hardware + OS commanded, so I was eager and curious to discover the Mac-magic people slavishly drool about.

I’m willing to give Macs some time before rendering a final verdict, but so far I have been utterly underwhelmed with the lack of user interface flexibility and customizability.


So far the hardware is high-end and behaves like it, and the system is stable.


I have yet to discover the ‘magic’ that inspires the Starbucks hipsters into cultish rapture.

I have been more successful making Windows boxes suck less and behave the way I’d like them to than getting the Mac to do anything other than behave how it was shipped.

Many of the IT guys I work with are in the same boat.

A common droll quip is:

“You just shouldn’t want to do that.

It was perfect for EVERYONE the way it was shipped.

If you want to do that, you must not be cool.”

This thread will be a place to assemble my list of quibbles, perhaps starting with the acknowledgement that yes, I must not be cool enough for a Mac.







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